I'm Wim, I work in computer science and do freelance web and app development for iOS and Android. I mostly do programming on the back-end, logics, database and webservices; but am also available for front-end UI and web design. Most of my projects are in Wordpress, Lua (Corona SDK) and Ruby on Rails.
I have a masters in applied computer science and 3 years field experience. You can check some of my past projects below.
Should you be interested in my services, you can reach me at wim.coosemans@gmail.com or contact me through this web form.


Wim Coosemans
Wellington, New Zealand

Work Related

Java Consultant for Brunel at VAPH

I worked as a Java developer for Brunel ICT on the 'Zorgregie 2.0' healthcare project at the Flemish institute for persons with a handicap (VAPH).
I was part of the team responsible for implementing, updating and supporting the health care management web application, based on a custom MVC style J2EE framework. From new feature requests, I would create a design, lay out the new database components (coded in Informix SQL), implement the business logic (IntelliJ as IDE), and add the new forms/UI elements. For each new component we added unit/integration/scenario testcases.
Later on I became responsible for the development of REST web services in JAXB/Jersey, and the communication regarding these services towards one of our external partners 'Softwel'.
We used SVN as a repository, and TeamCity to test and manage builds. Documentation, reporting and project management were organised with JIRA and a Wiki.

App development

As part of Fam. Coosemans bvba I develop apps for iPhone and Android. Four apps are currently available, several more are nearing completion.
All are based on the Corona SDK, written in Lua, allowing fast multi-platform development. I did the graphics in Illustrator/Photoshop.
Tip Tap Tune is currently the most popular, with over 6000 downloads on iOS and Android.
Twisted was deceivingly difficult to make with lots of triangular math and a random polygon level generator.
Spanish Beast, a utility to practice Spanish grammar, holds a large offline database of Spanish verbs and conjugations. I had to build a web crawler to collect this data from various (open) sources.
Kuub is my personal favorite, sadly not getting the attention it deserves.

Study Related

Masters Thesis in Ontology Engineering

As part of my masters degree in applied computer science at the university of Brussels I made a thesis in cooperation with StarLab and Collibra in the field of ontology engineering.
In short, my thesis proposes a solution to bridge the gap between ontology engineering and software modeling, by performing model to model transformations. A tool was developed fitting inside the DOGMA collaborative ontology engineering framework, that allows eliciting knowledge facts from business models in the BPMN and UML standards and convert them to SBVR. By transforming BPMN we are able to deduce facts about the high level composition of a business process and the interaction that exists between the actors involving data objects. UML Class diagrams can be used to elicit knowledge regarding the structure and attributes of data. These facts form the basis for a knowledge engineer to commit to an ontology within the framework.

To prove this concept, a plugin was developed in Java, for Collibra studio, based on the Eclipse framework. Model transformations from UML and BPMN were written using the Atlas transformation language.
The thesis was well received. You can find the full version here (English, written in Latex), or view the presentation summary here.

Hobby Related

Embedded systems

I also like to tinker with embedded systems. In cooperation with my brother, an engineer working at Fanuc Robotics who also builds all kinds of hardware in his spare time (such as a self guiding robot car) I've written tools for the Microsoft Kinect in C# (.NET) and a Fox Board runnning Linux. I wrote an introduction on this project some time ago.
I'm currently also working on an app that turns a smartphone into a wireless controller for the x, y, z and angular movements of big industrial robots. This will allow for much faster robot pattern learning and calibration over socket communication as opposed to the individual button controls that are currently available in the industry.

Web apps

dystopia-league.net was the official community hub organizing competitions for the online computer game Dystopia. I developed it using Ruby on Rails. The (MySQL) database held extensive records of teams, players and profiles, matches, user predictions, articles, rules and so on. The front end was quite Ajax intensive, to make it more responsive. Database intensive stuff such as the calculation of team scores were done in cron jobs. An RSS feed and IRC bot, as well as automatic demo recording and naming for matches based on SteamID's were also included.
The web app also enabled a REST web service to keep relations between players and teams updated on affiliated websites. An older design document can still be found here.

smallworldbigsmile.com previously hosted my travel blog. The project was unique as it relied heavily on email/SMTP to post and update content. The advantage of this system was that I could write blog posts during my remote travels on the bicycle on any device with an email client, off-line, without the need for an internet connection. Once internet would become available in a more populated area, the content would be automatically pushed out by the email client and the blog updated accordingly.
Written in Ruby on Rails and made mobile/responsive with Bootstrap, it features everything you can expect in a blog (articles, tags, admin panel, ...). Pictures sent as attachments are automatically uploaded to a Flickr account. The system also features a list of special keywords that can be used in an email such as GPS coordinates, shown on a Google Map, total amount of distance cycled so far and so on.


I'm a photography and cycling enthusiast and have visited large parts of the world by bicycle (Europe, North Africa, Central and South America).
At some point I hope to release a photo book regarding my travels. For now, you can find a small selection of photos here.
I'm also working on a children's book that blends photos and illustrations.